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How much are your website designs?

This is the most common question we hear, however, it's not "quite" that simple, there are lot's of different factors that would affect the price of your particular final product.

We aren't like car dealers...

Think of budgeting for a website as similar to buying a car. You cant just ask a car dealer "how much are your cars?" different cars, have different prices. However, we aren't like car dealers, we like to help our clients by working with them to solve their problems but for as little cost as possible. That's what gives us a great reputation for value for money website design!

The fact is, we could provide you with a website whatever your budget is really, we just ensure that what ever the final products price is, you are getting as much as you can for your money!

If you can afford just £99 per year, you can have a professional online presence, we are now building a library of pre-built sites which we will happily customise to suit your businesses needs, you really cannot find web design this professional, at this price anywhere else.

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All of our completely bespoke website design prices are designed to help smaller companies get a professional looking website and include the following...

  • Completely bespoke website design from the sketch to the finished website.
    No templates here!
  • .co.uk Domain Name (If you don't already have one)
  • Cross Browser Checking
  • Email Address Setup²
  • Content Manageable Image Galleries³
  • Integrated Contact Form (Where Required)
  • Comprehensive basic SEO strategy
  • URL and Sitemap Submission to Google's Index
  • Stock Images where required (up to 4 free)^
  • Unlimited stock imagery from our own photographers stock catalogue
  • 3D Artwork created where required (logos/headers etc.)^
  • Photography where required^
  • A months teething period/maintenance, for typos/errors spotted after live date
  • (And most importantly) Direct contact with Paul the website designer!

¹These prices are supplied on the understanding that the client will keep the website with Playaz design for a minimum of 4 years, should the client decide that they wish to have the site designed and managed by any other company before the 4th years instalment. Playaz hold the right to sell any domain names or design work to the client for the price of 4 yearly payments minus however many yearly payments have already been made.²Email addresses are created using Gmail, a single account will be created on behalf of the client (If they do not already possess one for their business) then (Should Playaz be hosting the website) unlimited forwarders can be created to that account, which will be enabled to send mail also from each additional email address. For more information please just ask. ³Manageable image gallery will be created using a 3rd party image host, currently (07.11.12) Gmail's "picasa" gallery, the images are managed through the clients gmail account and then pulled through to the website with a Jquery feed, again, for more info on this subject, just ask. ^3D artwork and photography/stock photography will be supplied by Playaz where Playaz deem it necessary or required to the design of the site and if time allocated to the sites design permits it, the client can suggest it, but ultimately it is at the discretion of Playaz design as to whether or not it is used. Should the client insist on the use of photography or 3D Artwork, Playaz will be happy to quote for the work as a seperate job. This artwork if paid for will then of course be supplied to the client also for use in any projects they wish, whereas the free artwork and/or photography (should it be provided) will be the sole property and © of Playaz design unless the client then wishes to purchase it for use in their own projects at which point Playaz will be happy to supply a price.

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