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How we came about to get a photographer, a stock photographer, called Paul.

“When you need that perfect and more importantly, unique image, then it's even more handy having the ability to just take the photo ourselves.”

Playaz photographer Paul is a designer by trade, getting himself into photography was a bit of an accident but one that has worked out, not only well for himself, but also well for Playaz.

While doing his design he started to create some gorgeous 3D artwork to use in his designs. He then discovered a number of sites that sell stock imagery submitted by artists and photographers. This got Paul thinking.
"Why not sell the 3D artwork of which I create, so that not only is it used by myself, but designers around the world can buy it too."
Makes sense, a bit of extra cash for sharing the work created by Paul and something, that with a little effort (and a lot of submitted images) could turn into something of a little earner. So the submissions began, most sites don't just take anyone in off the street, after all, they promote the fact that they sell quality artwork from quality art workers and so a few tests have to be taken with a quality control set of images that have to be submitted.

Paul managed to fail a few attempts at getting his images accepted but came to the realisation that this MUST have something to do with the fact that none of his artwork was in the form of photography, after all, the name iStockphoto.com would suggest a main product being photography. So Paul bought a camera. An entry level SLR the Nikon D60. He did a lot of reading and research on the subject, then went out shooting with a good friend and mentor Mark Andrew. He started to get into this new found hobby and within a few months was accepted into the iStock community and started learning even more.

After a year he had a wealthy collection of photographs for sale on a number of sites but not too many 3D images. The photography just took over everything and has now become a big part of his life, shooting anything and everything he can.

He now has a nice big 18mp SLR, a collection of flash guns, loads of accessories like reflectors tripods etc. and his own mobile studio. He not only shoots business Photography but personal photography too. Check out his work at www.imagesforever.co.uk

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