Our servers are based in the UK.

Faster loading times, and better search engine presence.

Behind every great website is a great server.

When you have a website built, it needs to be kept somewhere where it can be accessed any time of the day. This is on a server, which is basically a super powered hard drive, constantly switched on, receiving and sending lots of information, fast.

The quality and speed of the server along with it's physical location is very important when it comes to user experience and in turn search engines.

A lot of companies provide cheaper hosting on servers located in all different parts of the globe. Whilst it is much cheaper, there are some pretty big downfalls.

Because the servers are so far away you get loading delays, just like when you see someone interviewed overseas on the news, this delay is exactly the same with websites. If Someone in the UK wants to see your website, but the website is hosted on a server based in california for example, their computer is sent to california for the information which is then sent back to them in the uk. This will cause a lag and creates a bad, end user experience. Google are all about giving their search engine users a GOOD end user experience, and as a result, will not favour websites hosted so far from the visitor.

We are therefore proud to provide our clients with hosting based right here in the UK

Our London based servers mean for a much faster end user experience, and so in turn, will not jeopardise your search engine performance!

Host One.

£9.99 Per Month

Up to 1 Month FREE*

The minimum requirement for hosting your Skeleton Site template website from Playaz. This price covers the monthly hosting of your website along with any small maintenance such as plug-in updates. It reserves 50 megabyte of server space for your website and any images, along with up to 1 gigabyte of bandwidth per month†.

Any alterations or copy updates on this hosting plan will be charged separately.

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Host Two.

£12.99 Per Month

Up to 1 Month FREE*

If you have not yet purchased your own URL (www.yourwebaddress.co.uk) and you wish for us to do this for you, then Host Two, is the plan for you.

Every website needs a domain, the address your customers will find you at on the world wide web!

This plan is the same as Host One, but with the addition of us purchasing and managing the domain name for you.

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*When you sign up to our hosting, you will be charged on the 26th of each month. So should you sign up to our hosting on the 29th of the month, you will not be charged for your hosting until the following 26th.

A fully built website usually takes up around 7 megabyte meaning that 50 megabyte should be ample space for your website to grow substantially should you wish. The monthly bandwidth is the amount of information being taken from your website by visitors. Smaller websites don't need much bandwidth and so 1gb is generally plenty. Should your website use more than this on a regular basis then we will be in touch to arrange a new fee and raise the bandwidth limit should you wish.