Stock Illustration.

Our stock illustrations have been used around the globe.

On various websites and other media. Some of our stock images have become incredibly popular, one in particular being used as a single cover sold on iTunes, and even more incredibly, as the cover of a book written by the co-creator of the popular TV Drama, Murder she wrote!

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Commercial Illustration

Our illustrations have been used as various infographics for companies such as a well established roofing company. Used for one of their own products they created for the roofs of conservatories, requiring an illustration to show the roof broke down displaying how it betters from the traditional roof.

We are also able to create animated 3D media and motion picture. Any service you might require, brief it to us in an email, and we will let you know if it is a possibility with Playaz

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Logo Enhancement

We have supplied clients with their company logo, built it in a 3d environment to be viewed at different angles giving an interesting approach of self promotion on various media.

Having a 3D version of your logo can really make it stand out when you need it to, maybe on banners, television adverts, maybe you want it animating.

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